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“At Flutesong Media we are committed to explore concepts that concern our world and its inhabitants."

"what we think..."

                                                        Technological innovations have altered the way Television content is being produced and consumed. This new dynamic media landscape offers an opportunity for new ideas and debates to take place. Keeping in tune with this changing scenario, in 2012, Branded content specialist Sepia Tone Dreams joined hands with new collaborators to form Flute Song Media, with the objective of producing Documentary series and shorts that are innovative, intelligent and insightful for the global audience.

We, at Flute Song Media, are constantly evolving our story telling techniques, embracing new technologies and looking to break out of the mold.  Ideas that appeal to us are the ones that give us an opportunity to scrutinize our past, explore our present and offer an insight into the future.

Our films cut across all genres- from science & knowledge to natural history, from traditions & cultures to contemporary issues, from ancient philosophies & Religions to new discoveries.

We have an exciting and diverse slate of series and shorts in development and production.

"how we do it..."

                                                      We take pride in following a thorough process of research, scrutiny and analysis on every story, no matter how easy or complex the subject matter may seem. We have to admit that a lot of ideas do not make it to the production stage. But once an idea cuts through, we leave no stone unturned to make sure that the documentary has the most credible research and the highest production values to go with it.

Our ambitious mini series - Life, Death & Reincarnation, is one such journey that took us to remote corners of the world- from Iceland to Haida Gwaii Islands; From grand temple complex in Cambodia to snow capped Himalayan range; and across the length and breadth of the United States. It offered us an opportunity to explore the concepts of Near Death experiences, Past life memories and Reincarnation in Ancient cultures, civilizations, histories, philosophies and our contemporary world through a unique access to the works of leading scholars, researchers and scientists.