Force Of Life

Force of life is the story of Henryk, a boy born in Poland in 1928.


Within weeks of Hitler invading in 1939, Stalin seizes the eastern region. By 1940, like many children from this area 12 year old Henryk is deported to Soviet Penal Camp. Facing a future of sure starvation and disease, Henryk’s ordeal is recounted in this astounding true story of survival, escape and renewal – involving a journey to Uzbekistan and rebuilding of his life in Rajasthan, India.


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"The story of world’s most feared soldiers"

Few sights can be more terrifying to an enemy than that of Gurkhas charging, kukris raised, yelling their battle cry of ‘Ayo Gurkhali!’ — ‘The Gurkhas are coming!’ Famously, in 1982, Argentine soldiers defending Mount William in the Falklands heard that the Gurkhas were coming and promptly surrendered to the nearest British regiment rather than face them in battle.


‘It is better to die than to be a coward,’ is the Gurkha motto. Time and time again, Gurkhas have been inspired by those stirring words, laying down their lives for their comrades, risking death to charge the enemy, turn the course of a battle and honour their oath of loyalty to Britain.


Their courage has been recognised by the many bravery awards earned by officers and men of the Brigade of Gurkhas, including 26 Victoria Crosses, 13 of them by Nepalese Gurkhas, 13 by British Gurkha officers.


But who are the Gurkhas? How much of the myth that surrounds them is true?

The film explores the Gurkhas' origins in the Hills of Nepal, the extraordinary circumstances in which the British decided to recruit them and their rapid emergence as elite troops of the East India Company, the British Raj and the British Empire.