Life, Death & Reincarnation

4X60, HD

The series is an intellectual adventure that aims to unravel the mystery at the heart of our existence.

The questions of our identity and our destiny. It’s a major undertaking that explores the concepts of Near Death Experiences, Out of Body experiences, Consciousness Studies and the phenomenon of Reincarnation with stories from around the globe.


Produced in HD format and 5.1 sound with cutting-edge computer graphics, the series takes you from the deepest frontiers of human consciousness to the remotest corners of the world. The stories are laced with interviews of leading experts in the relevant fields and told in a narrative that is both engaging and adventurous.





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All In The Family

1X60, HD

All in the family is an exceptional story of world’s largest family of theater artists. Tucked in a picturesque South Indian village, this family group leads a nomadic life by performing dramas by traveling to various destinations. The family consists of 65 members with a track record of 127 years and unbroken performances for 75 years.


The family members, from the youngest to the oldest, perform all the tasks of these theatrical productions.

For this family - all the world’s a stage! No matter what season, what place, what occasion, they are ready to perform.